Environmental statement

SafeEnviro understands the important role we all play in preserving our natural resources while driving towards a sustainable future, this is why we combine the knowledge gained from years of experience, with innovative tech advancements to support the Waste and Resource industry.

Climate change is one of the greatest threats of our time. For businesses this presents significant and growing risks, but also opportunities for those who choose to become green leaders. The primary objective of this policy is to minimise the environmental impact of the activities we carry out, whilst helping our clients drive towards a more sustainable future.

We support the Public & Private Sector, education sector, health sector, commercial sector and many more by managing their waste to ensure nothing goes to landfill, whilst working with closely with the industry leaders in the UK and forging international partnerships to raise awareness in the environmental industry.

We define success as being environmentally, economically and socially sustainable - Continuously Looking for best practice across our business from how we work with our clients, to our internal operations. Here are some of the commitments SafeEnviro has made that will act as drivers to continuously push us to achieve more in the right direction:

  • • Promoting Environmental Awareness throughout the organisation
  • • 6 R's - Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle
  • • Considering the UN's SDGs (Sustainable development goals) in every operation of the company
  • • Helping Customers drive towards & achieve a Net Zero Target
  • • Partner with Charities who improve life by planting trees in cities
  • • Launching innovative "low-carbon" , circular economy products and services to prevent further pollution
  • • Education - Hosting series of webinars with local and international partners
  • • As we also operate Upper Tier Waste Brokers, we ensure that the suppliers we work with share similar goals - i.e. Moving towards electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions, Operating facilities sustainably etc
  • Audit & Review environmental performance on a regular basis