Health & Safety Policy Statement

The Directors are charged with executive responsibility for overall management of health and safety in all company workplaces. They recognize their statutory duties under health and safety legislation and this Statement shows their commitment to comply with these responsibilities. They will undertake and maintain the following:

  • 1. Safe workplaces, systems of work, and workplace equipment will be promoted to ensure that the health, safety, and welfare of staff and operatives are protected in all workplaces, as far as reasonably practicable.
  • 2. Employees and others engaged by the company will be competent to carry out their duties safely. Everyone will understand their responsibilities.
  • 3. Responsible persons have been appointed to manage health and safety at our workplaces.
  • 4. A Risk Management system has been set up within the company and all health and safety statutes together with approved codes of practice will be observed. In particular, the directors will comply with The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and all relevant legislation which affects our activities.
  • 5. A systematic approach will be adopted which will identify hazards and risks in our workplaces. Competent persons have been appointed to conduct Risk Assessments. These Assessments will determine priorities for eliminating risks to the workforce, customers, visitors, contractors, and all those affected by company activities. Where risks cannot be eliminated, appropriate controls will detail procedures that have been designed to reduce such risks, satisfactorily.
  • 6. Professional Safety Consultants have been retained to help implement and monitor this progress.
  • 7. The directors will allocate the necessary resources to install and maintain this program.
  • 8. Health and safety information, training, and suitable supervision will be provided to ensure that employees are aware of company procedures and directives.
  • 9. SafeEnviro Ltd management will set an example by installing high safety standards and discipline individuals who fail to discharge their responsibilities.
  • 10 The directors will review health and safety procedures in line with new and revised legislation/codes of practice, seeking advice from their consultants appropriately.